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About us

This website was created after finding a niche in the virtual space. Despite of the fact that real estate is a point at issue to the majority of residents there was no centralized network available where it would be possible to read about, analyse and observe this market more actively.

The website will be used for analysing and observing the real estate market of Baltic countries: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. During the first stage of the website creation the first step was taken to create convenient data bases as well as some space for exchange of information and discussions. We hope to expand the website content and offer more opportunities for analysis in time. 

Since it is impossible to manage without observing the national tendencies of the economy when analysing real estate and following its tendencies, this sphere will also be actively supervised on this website.

The priority of the website is the quality of information, therefore the content of the website will be carefully observed by the moderators. We suggest you to carefully read the
terms and conditions of the website and follow them in order to avoid misunderstandings in the future.

We expect some interesting and useful discussions from the website visitors as well as help with supplementing the content and suggestions, how to improve the quality of the website and expand its possibilities.

The vision of the website – to cover all real estate markets that invite the attention;

The mission of the website – to help analysing the real estate markets and in such way make the right investment decisions;

The goal of the website – to save time of everyone interested in the real estate market by gathering the key information on the markets. 

Contributors to website - Matas Macijauskas (MatasM) - overall concept of the website, Dainora Juškevičiūtė (Dainora) - content development-macroeconomic analysis and Tadas Sugintas (ezhux) - technical maintenance of the website.


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