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By using this website and information provided in it, you confirm that you accept the terms and conditions provided bellow. Any disregard of the terms and conditions will be considered as unwillingness to visit the website and you will be banned from doing so.

1. Forbidden actions and content of the users:

1.1. We request not to violate the law and other legal acts, not to spread racial, religious, ethnic and other type of discord, not to distribute illegal software. We also request not to spread misleading information.

1.2. We request you not to swear (in any hidden form or symbols as well), not to insult and degrade other users of the website. You may not agree with an opinion of another person and start a well-grounded discussion instead of taunting or insulting the person. Therefore, your messages will be edited/deleted and a warning will be given for violation of this clause. If your behavior in the discussions will not change for the better, your rights of using the website will be restricted.

1.3. We expect some serious discussions with reasoning in the forum. If you have nothing to say, do not say anything. Such utterance as “RE will drop because my father said so” will be deleted and a warning will be given. If warnings do not help and you will continue posting such comments, your rights in posting in the forum will be restricted.

1.4. It is forbidden to publish advertisements, links to other websites for advertising purposes, disclose private data about other users without their consent in the forum and comments. Do not use many colors, large pictures; do not write in capital letters only. When staring a new topic, please formulate the headline clearly and name the essence of the topic in your first posted message so that the discussion would not stray to stray from the subject. If the topic is about the RE sector of the competitors, please designate it in the headline.

1.5. We request you not to register nicknames with swear-words or any other insulting text or advertisements on the website for such users will be deleted.

1.6. We request to quote very responsibly in the forum. Before posting a quote, you should think whether it is really necessary and if it will add some additional value or information to the discussion. If you think that the quote is necessary, only quote the keynote idea. We recommend using a quote shorter than the comment itself.

The website moderators reserve the right:

•    To delete the posts and comments which do not meet the terms and conditions of the forum without any individual warning;
•    to delete the repeating posts and move the ones which go under the wrong topic into the section they belong to;
•    To issue warning for violations of terms and conditions of the forum and ban from using the forum for a week. If the violations continue, the ban term can be prolonged (an appeal against the warning or the ban may be provided in a well-grounded email at

2. The users are allowed:

2.1. To discuss and express their thoughts in more detail; share the knowledge and advice, be modest and polite.

2.2. The users may post useful links to websites related to the real estate market and macroeconomics in the “Links” section. Activation of the links is performed by the moderator.

2.3. The users may write an article on any topic (real estate, economics) and post it on the website. The activation of the articles is performed by the moderator.

2.4. The users can enter information on various useful events related to the real estate or macroeconomics under the “Calendar” section. The activation of the entries is performed by the moderator.

2.5. The users can enter information on various useful researches events related to the real estate or macroeconomics under the “Researches” section. The activation of the researches is performed by the moderator.

2.6. The users can post the records of other countries and statistical data under the “Statistics” section and become the moderators of the entry. The activation of the record on the new country is performed by the moderator.

2.7. The users may post a comment of their opinion, observations or suggestions underneath any article or a pole. The administration always pays attention to the comments and makes conclusions, adds some new information and corrects their mistakes.

2.8. The users can suggest their ideas on how to improve the website so it would be more useful to all the visitors.

3. Moderators

A moderator – a user of, who is an acknowledged authority of the website and accepts the commitments, by expressing the will to supervise the discussion topics or the section of the website on his own or by the suggestion of the administration. The moderators are approved or dismissed by the administration of the website.

We expect more enthusiasm in creating and improving the website out of all the visitors. We hope that it will be useful to all who are interested in real estate market and economics – both for the newcomers and professionals.

You can email all of your questions and suggestions to: We thank you for your help in advance.


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